ICFAW: Representing global animal welfare organisations at the OIE

ICFAW was formed in 2001 to represent non-governmental animal welfare organisations from all over the world at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

It is composed of organisations that share the primary objectives of preventing cruelty to animals and relieving their suffering. They use different strategies depending on the nature of the task, and the region and country in which they work.

The coalition plays an important role in the OIE in four ways:

ICFAW believes that animal health and animal welfare are intrinsically linked and that therefore the OIE has a major role to play in this domain, for the benefit of people and animals alike.

Working together for better welfare

The member organisations of ICFAW have together hundreds of years of experience in dealing with animal welfare, work in 150 countries worldwide, employ over 2,000 members of staff including over a hundred scientists and veterinarians and have millions of supporters. They work on all the issues on which the OIE is drawing up guidelines (wildlife, companion animals, animals used for scientific purposes and farm animals), provide standards for and audit a private standards scheme (Freedom Food) and assist developing countries with implementing the agreed OIE guidelines.

For more detailed information please contact the specific organisations directly.